Class Classifier::ContentNode
In: lib/classifier/lsi/content_node.rb
Parent: Object

This is an internal data structure class for the LSI node. Save for raw_vector_with, it should be fairly straightforward to understand. You should never have to use it directly.



categories  [RW] 
lsi_norm  [RW] 
lsi_vector  [RW] 
raw_norm  [RW] 
raw_vector  [RW] 
word_hash  [R] 

Public Class methods

If text_proc is not specified, the source will be duck-typed via source.to_s

Public Instance methods

Creates the raw vector out of word_hash using word_list as the key for mapping the vector space.

Use this to fetch the appropriate search vector in normalized form.

Use this to fetch the appropriate search vector.